08/05/2012 21:55

12th at 10Mila

After some national competitions a few less important relays, I had the first real challenges last weekend in Sweden. First, on Friday, Silva League Sprint and Sunday, last leg in 10Mila with OK Pan Kristianstad.

Well, at the sprint, I destroyed my hopes for a top ranking already at the first control, losing about 20 seconds.... In the end place 17, but still less than one minute behind the winner, Scott Fraser.



Then, 10mila was ahead and our club's strategy was to be within the top teams after the long night and then as long as possible. I can only say, well done guys, 2nd place after long night, good position for the remaining runners. And also afterwards, we performed very well. Although I've been running the last leg several times before, I've never been running out in top 15. Running out, I knew that Jani Lakanen would follow pretty soon and already at control 2, I made some meters too much, he was very close. Except of the longer routes, where I always chose the path-option and Jani the direct one, we were within some seconds. In most southeastern part, we could catch Kalvis Mihailovs from IK Hak, after we already have grown to a three man group with NTNUI.

The end was coming closer and closer, the last controls didn't seem that difficult any more, it seemed that a sprint decision will follow. But at the second last control, I had fortuna on my side, as the others didn't see the flag that fast and lost only a few seconds, which they couldn't cath up any more. So, place 12 was the final output, wihch was by far my best 10mila result!!!! Well done guys.

GPS-replay 10th leg


Today, I participated in a 5000m track race. The conditino were excellent, 20 degrees, no wind, but I was running a lonely race. With 15:33, I finished in a new persoal best time (-3 seconds).

So, a few days left until EOC is opening its doors....

Looking forward to the next Sweden-trip.