08/02/2012 08:56

-/+ 15

For some days now, I could escape the severe cold in Austria (-15 in Vienna) and spend some training days in Portugal (+15 degrees) until the end of the week. As you can see from the picture, some snow fell in Vienna (see picture), on the "famous" "Rodelhügel" in the even more famous Prater-Park. Maybe the slope is not long enough for skiing, but for sledging :)

Arriving at Portugal, we stayed four days at Sao Pedro do Sul, finally having some o-maps in hands again :) And everything turned out to work well again, even during the fast trainings. So, even after weeks without any o-training, you can manage to be back in o-shape rather fast, if you know what to focus on. Therefore, training camps are very useful. And of course, higher temperatures are also worth it to come to the south. Although, it was also freezing during the night and the training in Gestoso offered the same horrible weather conditions (or maybe even worse) as at POM 2007 (middle distance, foggy, raining, 3-4 degrees) this time with some extra wind (see picture)

If you ask yourself, what you should see on the picture??? Right, nothing!!! Just trust your compass...

All the other days, the training conditions have been excellent. Currently, I am sitting in Mira Villas Aparthotel, waiting for the next o-training to come...

Yesterday's Training

But on Saturday, we have to go back, from +15 to -15....