01/09/2013 20:58

1st of september....

.... and it's clearly colder and wetter outside. Looks like  the weather had a look into the calender this time. And the leaves are already getting colored, at least here in Eksjö. Time to go to Austria tomorrow to get a few degrees more ;) Looking forward to my first Hercules flight, after CISM has finished yesterday.

After the 14th place on the middle distance, I wanted to improve on the long. Different character of the forest, tougher runability, more green areas, a little bit more "typical Scandinavian". I think, in that type of terrain it's important that you never forget to push yoursef actively, otherwise you might think you are running as fast as possible although you are maybe chillingwith only 95% ;) In general, I didn't leave too many extra seconds in the forest due to mistakes (except of control 16 and second time coming to the central butterfly control),pushed myself through the woods and got a 9th place in total, 2:43 resp. 2:41 behind Timo and Lauri Sild. Taking a one-digit result home with me, I am mostly satisfied.

The cultural day offered the following: sightseeing tour in Eksjö in the morning and (or maybe that doesn't belong into the cateroy "cultural") a paintball contest with (or more against) the Swiss and the Norwegian team. We were strongly supported by the mercenary Andrey K.

Obiously noone of the gamers left the battlefield with to many hematomas, as everybody showed up at the final CISM competition, the Relay.

After Warti and Markus, I took the final leg in our team, finishing on the 11th place, just outside the top 10, as I lost the duel against Polands W.K. during the last three controls. Anyway, I had nearly a perfect race, it felt very fluid all the time, without any problems in the control areas. I enjoyed running in this type of terrain, offering several but not too many features in the forest, which you can use for your navigation.

Looking back, I can say I finished in all three races not too far from the top, but next year, at our home CISM, I want to improve and I am convinced our whole team wants to improve. Plan to success: train hard, stay healthy :)

This year's CISM was concluded with a friendly prize giving ceremony (thanks to Estonia!!!! - which brought at least some variation to the national anthyms ;), inviting banquet and the possibility to visit Eksjö's city festival (I'm still not used to the strict Scandinavian habits concerning the end of parties, concerts,... last song - end of party - go home - now  Anyway, it was a comfortable and entertaining evening.

Long distance map

Relay map


picture by Richard Schuh