12/10/2011 08:36


25manna, a really nice club event. With my team, OK Pan Kristianstad, I enjoyed the event for my very first time last weekend. I found myself on the second leg, a 7,2km forest high speed "sprint" - at least it felt like a long sprint. As the terrain and the coruse were rather easy, the gaps between the teams were little, especially on the first legs. However, it was fun to run in a never ending bulk of runners. In the end, our team took the 43rd place.

Map 25manna 2nd leg

Yesterday, I joint the LAWA Sports Night Cup in Wr. Neustadt, another high speed orienteering event. Some parts were really tricky and you should never forget to check your compass. On Saturday, I'll take part in the Austria Night Championship (39 controls on 7,9km), before on sunday, the Austria Cup comes to an end with a middle distance race.

LAWA Sports Night Cup 2