30/09/2012 11:16


.... I think the Swedish Ulra Long Championship has been my longest orienteering competition ever, (followed by two "inofficial" ultra long races (WOC Long 2011 in France, Worldcup Final Long distance 2006 France)). So far I never particiapted in an Ultralong Championship because it has no championship status anymore in Austria and for many years it was organised in spring time, which I think is not the best time for such a competition. This weekend, I took the chance to participate in Sweden, as no big competitions are left this season.

Well, 23km were waiting, the uninviting rain stopped a few minutes before the start, so the challenge could begin. Already on the first meters we recognised, that it will become a very wet business, with deep underground and marshes. Of course, a spreading method was used and thus you never knew if you or your running group was fast enough compared to the others. Now I can say, that I was too slow compared with the fastest, additionally taking suboptimal route choices (12 and 23). Otherwise I had a technical very solid race. Most time of the race, I accompanied or was accompanied by different runners. Concerning my energy househol, I paced myself well, only on the last two controls I had to run carefully to avoid cramps. In the end I finished eight minutes behind the winner Erik Rost (2h 27min) on the 15th place.

Although I'm not sure if I will participate again in an Ultralong Championship, it was definitely an exciting experience.

Map SM Ultralong

Results SM Ultralong