10/11/2013 14:48

3, 2, 1, go....

Tomorrow, 11.11. (11th of november) is not only the beginning of the carneval season, but also the kick off for my next season's training. Additionally, many "Martini goose" will be served in Austria (we hope they had a happy life and proper treatment!!!). Before moving on, it's usually not bad to look back, to do some analysis, finding out what was good, what was bad, what could bring you on the next level...

What do I take with me for the winter training and coming season: get rid off these annoying injuries (carrying with me the whole season), which should lead to higher motivation (it doesn't make fun anymore to train when stopped by injuries regularly) which should lead to better results on a stable level. Sounds easy....

About the injuries: I didn't suffer of any big catastrophies last season, like broken leg, torn ligament, etc. but going out for running waiting for the pain isn't what I'm looking for. Problems with the calve, then problems with some tiny hip tendon, becoming a reliable training company, leading to periods without any running, then the pain is disappearing, appearing, blablabla.... After some painless summer competitions, the tendon said hello again in september. Several times in these years I visited different doctors, physios, kiropraktors to find the reason for the problem. Because this tendon is not hurting just for fun, but because something is not working smoothly in my body. And when running many many kilometers, the weakest point says "STOPP!"

If it only was that easy to find out the evil's source... At this point, I can say that it is (was?) a connection of:

  • repositioning of my leg due to the torn ligament in 2012, leading to a slightly bad knee positioning at every step (resulting in bigger problems when running on hard surface compared to forest trainings)
  • hip flexors!!!: maybe the core of my problems: due to sitting too much on a bad chair, tendency of shortening resulting in back problems and a bad upright position and supporting a pelvic tilt position
  • due to the hip flexor story: bad sleeping position. Sounds funny, but it's not. Theory behind: I mostly always slept with one bent and with one elongated leg. On the long term horrible for your already irritated pelvic area, because it get's no time to recover while the muscles are continuously in a tight position.

How to fix the problems:

  • being put right by the kiropraktor
  • changing sleeping position (not that easy on a short-term view)
  • stretching, exercises,...

Only after a few days of applying these last points, everything seems to have changed. I hope the hip tendon problem said "goodbye" forever this time.

Beside of fighting my injuries, I'm doing (did) some small adjustments in my training, way of living:

  • beside Andi Vock, my persoanl coach and training expert, I'm also working more on my orienteering technic with Martin Pongratz
  • some runners have the potential to be on top during the whole season. I have not, but I'll try my best to be on top on a few but well selected occassions.
  • nutrition: Thanks to Frith Marth supporting me with his unique organic drink: Fruchtlandler

The last weeks were quite relaxing, spending some time in Austria. Since Monday, I'm back in Sweden, celebrating my "One year living in Åhus" this weekend.

Some recent happenings:

Halloween shopping....

Spending some time with my brother's family....

Celebrating Stefan's 30th birthday

Trying to get out the paper stuck in the copy machine ;)

Looking into the future...