06/07/2009 20:57

5 days dolomites - first day - steep

On the same day as JWOC Sprint final, the first day of 5 days of dolomites was organised in Italy. Already the way to the start was very challenging (2,5km with 350m climbing) and demonstrated what to expect in the forest. My focus today was clearly on orienteering instead of running max speed. The terrain invited to make some mistakes (steep slopes - looking quite similar all the time) but I could reduce them to a low level.

090706 5days dolomites 1.jpg (872,3 kB)

I had smaller mistakes to control 13 and 16 (I'm not sure if the contour lines are too correct at this control area). Otherwise I had a flawless race, maybe route choice to control 18 was not the best.

In the afternoon, I could enjoy watching JWOC sprint in a demanding terrain. I took the course afterwards, but far away from winning ;)