03/04/2009 16:00

5000m track test run

Traditionally, some runners from the national team ran the 5000m test race one week before the Easter Weekend to check the improvement/stagnation (whatever) regarding their physical abilities. This time we decided to run in Vienna, on the legendary Marswiese. The weather was nice, just a medium light wind tried to slow us down, temperature about 20 degrees. After months of snow and coldness, a gladly seen change.

From the beginning on, Markus Lang and me tried to keep our speed at 3:10 per km, which seemed to be no problem in the beginning. But this feeling proved to stay just for the first 1500m. Afterwards, heart rate and effort increased and we slowed down a little bit, in the hope to gain seconds on the last km. Eventually, I finished in 15:52, 11 seconds ahead of Markus. Wolfgang Siegert showed a good performance and ran 16:18. Christian Wartbichler passed in 16:49 the finish line, Thomas Lang in 17: 38.

It's not a very good and not a bad time for me. I hope to improve along the season, as we did not have a special speedy preparation for this test run, because the season's peak, the WOC, will be in late August.

Tomorrow, we will leave to training camp in Slovakia and on Easter Monday, we will see if I could improve my time at the "Pinkafelder Stadtlauf" (more or less 10km).