26/04/2009 17:50

7 km park race in Seebenstein and Austrian Ultra Long Championships

On Saturday, most of our sportsmen from the "Heeresleistungssportzentrum Seebenstein" took part at the legendary "Birnbauer Gedenklauf". It was something between 7 km and the official 7,5km, 5 rounds in the friendly park of Seebenstein village. Since Saturday morning, I suffered from a slight pain in my left hip joint. Nevertheless, I decided to start and during the competition it was no problem and I did not feel any pain. In the first round I staid some meters behind the leading group, but in round number 2, 3 and 4 I got in the lead, ahead of Thomas Daniel, the later winner.

Unfortunately, I had decided to run with my speed sensor, which started to loose my shoelace during the fourth round. I had to fix it, otherwise I would have lost my shoe ;)   I lost some seconds and in this moment the speed was increased from the leading group. I managed to overtake some runners again, but I had no chance to reach the winner. He finished in 23:50, ten seconds ahead of me. Anyway, it might have been difficult to win the race. The second place was fine and at the same time I could enjoy the victory of my girlfriend in the women's race.

Just one hour later, a fun relay was organised in Seebenstein's park, 3x400m. I had the honour to run with Christian Wartichler and Tobias Zolles. We finished on third place. I hardly can remember, when I felt that "dead" and "empty" after a run, and a lot of lactic acid seemed to circulate in my body.

You can find the results at: www.ergebnisliste.at (follow the links - Ergebnisse - 27. Birnbauer Gedenklauf)


The next day, it was again time for the Austrian Ultra Long Championships. Controversially discussed, if the date makes sense at the beginning of the year or not, it still can be found in April. I am not a fan of it, as I take part in many international competitions. If many national team runners skip this competition, as it was the case today, just a few runners are left at the start line. Additionally, some were injured, some made a shortcut,  and so just four men finished regularly.

I was registered in Men Elite and my plan was to run the first loop to the map exchange (8,8 km and 440m climbing meters) and the last controls to the finsih. We did not have a mass start, which I would prefer, with me starting latest, three minutes behind Pierre and six minutes behind Thomas Lang. I could catch them to control number 7 and we did not lose us until the map exchange. At this time, I could also feel the pain in my hip joint and did not think any longer to pursue the competition and reached the finsih after 90 minutes.

Finally, we saw a lucky winner Thomas Lang, just seven seconds ahead of Pierre Kaltenbacher. Bronze was won by Georg Wittberger. It took Thomas to finish the 19,6 km long course, peppered with 1100 climbing meters (unofficially 1400-1500). 2 hours and 56 minutes. That's really though :)

Concerning the course setting, I was really disappointed. An ultralong should include some longer route choices and it is not necessary to pick up 53 controls with always very similar distances in between.

The map shows both, the first and the second loop, at control 22 (first loop) was the map exchange. I skipped controls 1-22 from the second loop         090422 Ultralong.jpg (3,1 MB)

I hope that my injury will disappear quickly. I can feel this pain regularly since two years, but it was never a problem during running so far. I will have some special therapy during the next days. Then my start at the Alpe Adria Cup in Regensburg should be secured.