08/04/2012 15:45

7manna and TV report...

The day after coming home from the training camp in Hungary, I went to Southern Sweden to participate in my first 7manna. As it is very close to Kristianstad, we had several teams on the start line. I was supposed to run the last leg. After the three night legs we were on place 3, some minutes behind the two leading teams of IFK Göteborg and IK Hak. After the restart in the morning at 8.30, the sun didn’t want to come out again and it even started to snow. When I headed into the forest, our position was quite fixed: Too far behind the two leading teams and rather safe ahead of the next teams. Anyway, I did my best, because you never know…

I felt technically secure in the terrain. Skane forests are more like home than the rest of Scandinavian forests, except of a few marshes, where you can get wet up to your hips ;) In the end I returned on the expected 3rd place.

Map 7manna

Results 7manna

The following day,

most of our runners participated in Helsingborg SOK’s race. There was little snow and a few tracks from the previous runners. Again, the terrain was nothing special, the course offered some longer legs, where I chose the more or less straight route. Although I just had some minor mistakes, I couldn’t reach the top times, which were all set by OK Pan runners. Adam Kovacs took the victory in 57:37, ahead of Jakob Lööf (58:26) and Johan Modig (60:12). I finished fourth in 60:21.

Map Helsingborgs SOK


As I am one of the nominees for “Sportsman of the Year 2011” in my club’s region “Burgenland” in Austria (the final decision will be published next Thursday), ORF Burgenland broadcasted a portrait last Monday.

Link to TV report

So far, everything was just “warming up”, next weekend we will start into national championships with the sprint and EOC/WOC selection races. Thus, the “Road to WOC” is reaching its next step…