23/08/2011 17:31

After WOC - before WOC

 Some days after the WOC in France, I want to make some short analysis. I took twice place 17, in long and middle (5th time palce 17 for me in a WOC race) and 14 in relay. Well, on the one hand an improvement to last year, but on the other I hoped for a little more, or better said, for less big mistakes.

Long Final: It became the expected challenge, hot weather, longer winning time than planned by organisers, difficult controls.... I had no problems with the high temperatures, nor with the long running time, but with some difficult controls. After an excellent start and a good race on the first part, things got worse with the long route choice to control 13. I decided for the right option, thus losing some minutes to the left choice. At the control I was caught by Dani. I stayed with him until the end of the arena passage, as I knew we will have a different butterfly loop. Maybe the speed was too high through the arena passage, as I made a huge mistake to control 19. As Jan Sedivy's GPS shows (I was with him from control 6 - my GPS signal "dies" after control 7), we were pretty close to the 19th, but I totally lost the overview in the control area and although I "attacked" the control three times, I wasn't successful, until Dani came again, but already after his short loop - 6minutes time loss :(

After some controls side by side, we made a mistake to control 23, another ditch, which added some more minutes to my running time. "Hätt i, war i"...

However, it was my first WOC long final and I don't want to miss that experience.

Map with route

Middle distance: I think it was technically easier than the long (maybe due to the scale). Anyway, this time I had a bad start and lost some time at the first controls. I couldn't manage to "get into the map" from the beginning, just after that. From that time on, I had a fluent run, with just short hesitating in between. The atmosphere was again perfect in the arena, as during the long final. Place 17 was the result. So, again some stupid mistakes. Time to learn, finally...

Link to GPS Men

Relay: Our team goal was to reach Top 15, after place 19 the previous year. With place 14 we reached that goal, but with a place above 10 you are still anywhere... In total, we made too many mistakes. Mistakes we won't make again next year, as the terrain will be completely different :)

A first impression of the swiss forest we will get next week, when we have our first team camp in the relevant area: stinging nettles, berries, waiting for us :)