05/05/2009 16:32

Alpe Adria Cup Regensburg

On the second of May I started at the Middle distance of the AAC Cup. The organisers chose a terrain, which was worth visiting. A lot of small and large stones, made it nearly impossible to finsih without mistakes. At least I spent some minutes more than necessary in the forest, although most controls were visible from far away. I was angry about the big mistake to control number 22. Maybe I was already in the finsih in my mind and started to look for the control too early, additionally, it was on the wrong side of the hill. I finished on the 3rd place, behind Klaus Schgaguler and David Schneider.

The Night Sprint in Regensburg on the same day was something different. A lot of young people and students in the street, one pub and coffee next to the other made it difficult not to lose your focus on orienteering. As it was no WRE, I did not run full speed, which did not prevent me from making some small mistakes.

On Sunday, another WRE, this time long distance, was organised. Steep, very steep slopes forced me to walk quite a lot uphill. Again, some small mistakes in the control area took some seconds or minutes. 90 minutes running time for me, 6 minutes behind David Schneider, third place, that's ok, but I'm convinced that I havel also more potential on the long distance than shown.

The most important thing this weekend was to find out, if my leg is still fine after three competitions. And I'm happy to say, that the injury has gone and I hope it won't come back.

Next Saturday, I'm co-organising a regional Sprint-orienteering championship in Pinggau. 4 p.m.   cu there ;)

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