12/09/2011 14:43

Another long distance

The Swedish Long Distance Final offered quite a lot: Long legs, route choices, demanding terrain, due to the high amounts of rain,... I think, I had preferred less rain during the last weeks, so that the ground hasn't been that soft and the marshes that deep. Anyway, we take it as it comes. The course data said 13,3 km, expected winning time 90min, but under "normal conditions". As a result of the rain, running became much more demanding and thus the winning time climbed up to 103min by William Lind.

In total, I am mostly satisfied with my race. After approximately one hour, I recogised that my batteries became emptier (the energy gel couldn't refill everything). Especially the uphill parts and marshes made every step more and more heavier. However, at the map exchange, an end was in sight and the last loop not that long any more. I finished on place 11, about 7:30 behind the winner. At the second radio I was still on place 4, but after the last long route (to control 15) already on place 11. For this leg I chose a good option, but on the last part I dabbled in Cliff hanger and got stuck in one marsh, losing valuable time. On the legs 4 and 6, I tried to stay as much as possible on the paths, as running was much easer there. To the 11th and 15th, I haven't seen any good alternative for me, so I decided for thos I have chosen.


Results and splits

Today, I feel much better than expected. Yesterday, I was completely done in the finish (as many others probably) - so never forget on a long course: it's the same for everybody :)