09/11/2009 12:38

Austrian Night Championship

As the Austrian Night Championship was postponed to the beginning of  november in the region with Austria's highest mountains, we wouldn't have been surprised, if we had to run in snow. Fortunately, we had perfect weather conditions and it was warmer than in previous years. The organisers did their best to offer good competitions with a nice infrastructure within a short period (end of september they were told to organise this double event weekend). So, nobody complained when the map was not always clearly representing the forest.

Consequently, most runners had their troubles at some specific places, as it was in men elite. Luckily for me, I was the one with least mistakes, although I thought to be chanceless for the victory after my performance. But everyone had to pass these tricky parts (my biggest mistakes were at controls 6 and 14 - some smaller ones at 4, 5, 13, 16). After five years, I could become again Austrian Night Champion.

Although the weekend's competition belonged to season 2009, they represented the beginning of training period for season 2010.


091107 ÖM Nacht map.jpg (1,8 MB)

By the way, at Austria's Orienteering federation gala night on 21st of november, the club "Förderverein" (supporting orienteering) organises a raffle. On the one hand you are supporting Austria's orienteers, on the other hand, you can win prices worth about 100 €. If you are interested to buy, please let me know (price per lot: 5 €)