07/07/2011 09:30

Back from France

Coming back from France, I have to say that I am looking optimistic to this year’s WOC. Not that I wouldn’t make mistakes any more, but that I am definitely not the only one and that absolute running speed, except of the sprint, won’t be decisive. But so far, nothing new. Everyone knows that, but you have to be aware of it….

So, the last days in Haut-Savoie were nice again. Perfect weather, challenging trainings, climbing through the forest, climbing up the “Le Revard” from Aix-les-Bains by bike, fine accommodation along the lakeside of the “Lac de Bourget”, discovering some strange situations when comparing map and terrain. But I am sure, the WOC maps will be perfect, even if mapping is definitely not an easy task in this terrain. I hope it won’t rain on the long distance days at WOC, because using the loop is not that easy when it’s raining. But maybe the 1 : 15.000 will be that generalized that I will not need a loop to be able to read it J

On the last training day, we joined a mass start training, organized by the Swiss Team, used by several nations for a good training opportunity with the best team.

I am looking forward to great WOC races, but before I will travel to Brazil and CISM World Games to do some fast straight forward orienteering …

Link to some training maps 

start to mass start training

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