30/03/2012 10:15

Back to more oxygen

Last Saturday, I returned from my high altitude training trip to Kenya. Looking back, I can say, that I really enjoyed the camp in a very nice and friendly environment. Insight in both Kenyan training and daily life were impressive. I added some more images to the Picture Gallery. Relating to training, the last two weeks in Kiambogo were composed of higher training amount and higher training intensity.

The first pre-return day, last Sunday, I tested the hypothesis, that there is a significant performance increase the first day after returning, before the shape decreases for an unspecific amount of days. Unfortunately, I can’t give a reliable verdict, as I got strong stitch during the 9,5km race and had to slow down dramatically in between and finished in poor 31:59min. Maybe the stitch can be explained by the changed oxygen-pressure in low altitude compared to the high altitude in Kenya, as I never ever had big problems with stitch during competitions. Results Eisenstadt 9,5km Race

The last training days were rather easy, except of a track training on Wednesday, where I felt “normal”. Tomorrow, we will have a 5000m track test with the national team in Vienna, before we leave to Pécs, Hungary, for an orienteering technique camp. My personal goal for the 5k is to improve my personal best significantly (15:36). The term “significantly” is an elastic word…