14/06/2011 10:17

back on track

Last weekend, Austria's WOC selection was concluded. On Saturday, we ran the Austrian middle distance Championship and on Sunday, an Austria Cup, long distance.

I was clearly focusing on the Middle distance, as I wanted to take the victory this time, after my failure at the sprint champs. After several weeks with heavy training loads, I did some easier days prior to the competition, as I knew that there will be many competitions in the next weeks.

I found a good rhythm from the beginning, took enough time to get the important information from the map and tried to keep the speed high, especially after control 4, when most of the climbing was done. I approached most controls without any troubles, except of control 13 (the position of the control was very strange, relating to the corner of the green area) and 19 (the vallye was very small and difficult to see, as I was already too far down the slope). However, in 35 minutes, I could set up a new best time when I reached the finish, which lasted until the end. I was very happy and relieved after defending the title.

Link to map with quickroute

Link to map with routegadget

Results Austrian Middle distance Championships

The following day, a long distance race was hold, but as expected it was clearly below a normal long distance (66minutes). On the one hand, I'm happy if it's not lasting that long, as I can save energey, but on the other hand, we should run a normal long distance, especially when it is intended to be a selection race for the WOC.

Anyway, I had another good race, I think I did good route choices, and I could take again the win ahead of Klaus Schgaguler, as the previous day. (map will follow).

Results Long Distance

Both days counted for the "international chicken challenge" a 3-day-event, which was concluded with the chasing start on monday in a park-like terrain. As I already had a clear lead, I didn't have to run full speed. I tried to prevent any mistakes, which I managed to do. This time, Klaus set the fastest time of the day (impressive straight line in the splitalyzer most of the course), but I could take the overall victory.

Well, many runners were not happy with the terrain, as it was too simple and maybe too short for a chasing start, where you could catch up much time. But I guess also the organizers were not that happy, because they had to swith the location within three weeks. So, from this point of view, good work to offer a third stage at all within such a short time. For me, it was comfortable, due to the big lead ahead of the chasing start.

Overall results