24/02/2013 21:33

Back to the roots...

…. Firstly, because the two last stages of Antalya  O-days were hold in terrain with antique buildings (or that what’s left of them)…

…and secondly, due to a “broken” SI card from one day to the other, I was forced to use the traditional pin-punching system. As there was unfortunately no reserve SI-card available at the start, I looked forward to “fish” the pin-punch at the following 25 controls. Already tired from the previous competitions and trainings, I wasn’t too optimistic about a too good result. So I just tried to get a nice final experience in a unique terrain, before going back to winter. Somehow, I didn’t manage to find into the map, thus losing already some seconds to the first control. The rest of the course was accompanied by ups and downs, sometimes attacking controls as it should be, sometimes navigating as a beginner.  

For a fraction of a second, I was considering going for an ultimate best time, by making a Score-orienteering course, punching the butterfly control three times at once and then taking the controls in the fastest order as possible :) BUT, I kicked these thoughts away and even realized a misspunch, going to the right control afterwards (what a performance). Coming to the finish, my map was totally pin-punched, everywhere, on all sides, making it impossible to figure out which control was punched at which place. As the punching units were always just hanging on a line, it took usually more time than an average SI-punch. AND, if you visited control 18 of the M21E1 course (muddy water ditch), you can guess where the pin-punch could be found. Yes, correct, totally in the mud.

As impressive the stage locations have been, as unimpressive my performances have been during the Antalya O-days.

I’ve never seen anything similar than the stage 3 site – wow (at least I can’t remember). And also the sprint (WRE) on the second stage was something different to usual urban sprints.

Summing up the week with the national team in Turkey, I can say it was worth coming here. Mostly nice weather, mostly good quality maps and interesting courses made our stay in Turkey to an demanding training week. And due to the never ending meal offer in the affordable all-inclusive hotel, you were forced to train a lot, otherwise being forced to pay oversize “luggage” on the return flight ;)      

Link to worldofO maps and pics