06/08/2013 06:25

Bronze medal for Austria

So far it has only been a dream, but at the world games in Colombia we conquered the bronze medal in the mixed Sprint relay.
The week in Cali started not too smoothly with waiting for more than two days for my baggage. You even got thrown out from your bed at 0.15 a.m. to get your bag handed over ;)
The competitions:
Sprint:solid race but not fast enough in my legs on that kind of easy course. 16th place, similar gap to the winner Kyburz as usual.
Middle:no huge mistake, well, the course looked mostly easy, but still could offer unexpected things. You don't see the flag immediately, or there are a few more indistinct paths than mapped....
Starting last, being 9th at the intermediate time, I finished 11th, not too far behind the silver medal.
The forest, jungle, was partly unpredictable, as you had to fear to face some hurting bamboo thorns....and get stuck for a few seconds.
Relay:our goal:surprise positively.
With shorter forking but also good rout choices in the beginning, I could even stay in the the lead most of the time, together with Murray Strain. I didn't want to risk anything and always chose the runaround alternative if that choice occurred.
Our junior, Anna,did an excellent job on the second leg, keeping us still in touch with the medals.
Roberto kept our dream alive, which was actually supported by other teams misspunches or dns....
Ursi managed to increase our tension and nervousness. It seemed she fought for the bronze medal against Czech Republic. Indeed....
With a cool head and a different route choice towards the end, she released us when she came first into our sight.
Winning a medal with the relay, that's amazing. Thanks to the whole team, my personal coach Andi and the national team coach Rolf and all the others who had their fingers in the game.
Cali was definitely worth going there.
Such a great atmosphere throughout the whole week, concluded with an enthusiastic closing ceremony