18/09/2009 18:23

CISM - Long and Middle distance, "hätt i war i"

The second individual competition at this year's CISM is passé. This year, we first had long distance, last Wednesday.

On Tuesday, I felt as I could not even think of a fast step, because I still was tired from the weekend's competition, but on Wednesday, everything felt different. I had a good feeling in my legs until the end, with good split times at the final part.

But from the beginning on: Different to many others, luckily, I had no troubles to the first control, but lost some seconds to the second one, because I didn't know if I had to go up our down in the valley. On the long route, I could already catch Edgars Bertuks who started one minute ahead of me, but some meters later, I crashed my knee to a piece of iron, which let me feel some heavy pain for the next minutes and controls. Additionally, I got lost in the area of control 5, although I was quite close, but not sure enough. Something between 1 and 2 minutes later, I could find it and from then on, I got a nice flow, with no further technical troubles and as mentioned before, fast legs until the end. After the spectator's passing, I could see Edgars again ahead of me, but I couldn't catch him again. Finally, place 13, made me somehow satisfied and confident for the middle distance.

Of course, there was still some pain in my knee when bending it, but it didn't disturb during the middle distance competition today. I know Hubmann starting two minutes behind me, so I set my goal to be in the finsih ahead of him, which would have brought a nice ranking. But as usually, things go different than expected. Until control 6 everything was fine, I was just 15 seconds slower than Daniel (so still 1:45 ahead of him in the forest), but at control 7 already 20 seconds behind him. What happened?

I lost a little bit my direction, already close to the control, and was looking for the control one hill further. As I couldn't see the flag, I had not clue what to do. All marshes look the same and so the terrain. Two minutes later, I got the control, but Dani was ahead of me (what I actually didn't notice during the competition as I haven't seen him). I knew that the good position was lost, but I tried my best and continued with a solid race, no further real mistake. I just lost a lot of seconds on the long route, physically I guess. Technically, I think, it was a really challenging course, especially from control 12 onwards (for me also control 7), where many green areas, fallen trees and branches made your navigation more difficult.  When I was running to control 19, I could hear the speaker that Hubmann is finishing right now. So I got the confirmation that he overtook me at my mistake ;)

I finsihed on place 20, fine, but not fine enough.

Tomorrow, we will have the relay and the day after tomorrow another relay (Austrian Championship). Our team banquette will be held in the airplane ;)

I draw the route on the old map, there are some minor changes of the vegatation and of some paths. Actually, I have no idea where the second control was exactly placed, sorry.

090918 CISM Middle map.jpg (298,6 kB)