20/08/2010 15:46

CISM Relay

Relay at CISM is over and we finished one place better than last year. Not a huge increase, as we were on place 15 last time. I ran the first leg, had a good beginning (or shorter forking ;) but made two small mistakes, so that some runners overtook me and I was back in a huge group of 12 runners, from place 3 to 14. The forest was similar wet as the day before and some marshes introduced to swim ;)

I changed over to Markus on palce 13. After his and Warti’s run we finished on place 14, losing a little bit more than 10 percent to the winners from France.

During the whole week, I enjoyed the terrain. I just destroyed two running shorts during yesterday’s and today’s race, the latter finding a new owner whom I don't know...

100820 CISM Staffel map.JPG (706,6 kB)