18/08/2010 10:50

CISM short distance - habt acht

After one week of sunshine at WOC, it looks like one week of raining at CISM. Still in Norway, this time in Kongsberg, I was running CISM short distance yesterday. Except of a not so good beginning, it went quite well, losing three minutes to the winner Thierry Gueorgiou.

The area around and before the second control led to some confusion on my side and conseqeuently I lost one minute. I enjoyed the terrain in the butterfly, changing between marshes, light green and open white forests.

In the end, I achieved place 17, so I didn’t reach my first goal, being in the top 10. In the team ranking we are on place 8 so far, that’s fine and promising. It would be great if we could keep that position.

So, let’s get out to the rain and have a short run…

100817 CISM Kurz map.jpg (341,2 kB)