19/08/2010 16:43

CISM - wet long distance

Place 26 was the result of yesterday's long distance. Technically, I did something too much zick zack and missed control 17 for nearly a minute (the whole mini-valley was green which confused me a little bit). But physically, it felt better than at WOC long quali and relay, so I hope that I made some progress during the last days and weeks since my injury.

I really enjoyed this long distance, especially the wet passages. Control 2 and 3 were really amazing, being situated in the middle of some little "pond-marshes" - just water around the control. Later, in the butterfly, I passed a deep watersection, being in the water up to my hips, but the guy behind me, nearly completely disappeared, just his head was still out of the water...

The relay is waiting now. I'll do my best on the first leg this time....

100819 CISM Long map.jpg (1,5 MB)