11/03/2012 14:17

Close the gap

We’ve already spent 10 days in the Kiambogo training camp in Kenya. After a few acclimatization days, Christian and I started to implement some more demanding trainings into our training plan. Nomen est omen: in the run2gether team – camp, you always have the possibility to go a run with one or two or more Kenyan runners. Especially during the uphill parts, a common sentence we get to hear is: “Come on, close the gap, close the gap”… I prefer making interval trainings in a group, as it’s easier to go to your limits.

(Soon also this kids might be faster than me….)

If you talk to any of the runners about their best times in half-marathon, a standard dialogue could look like the following one:

Q: What’s your age?
A: 25
Q: What’s your fastest half-marathon time?
A: 65 minutes
Q: When did you start running seriously?
A: 4 years ago
Q: What was your fastest half-marathon time during your first training year?
A: 69 minutes

No more comment needed…

A few hours ago, we joint the catholic mass, after visiting a protestant last Sunday. The procedure today was quite the same as the one at home, just a little bit more enthusiasm in singing and swinging. In general, people are very religious here and attend church every Sunday, if possible.

The last days were very sunny and hot. A few days ago, I joint the guys on a trip to the forest where they usually go for getting firewood. You need a lot of permissions to be allowed to get wood out of the forest.

On Friday, we watched the local district school championships in athletics. Winning time on 10km in the men’s race was 32:50min (30 degrees, grass field).

Yesterday, Massai Robert introduced us into the Massai culture, by offering us trying his clothes…

In general, I feel very comfortable and enjoy being in Kenya: Training, eating, chilling, sleeping, writing,…

Besides training, we will go for another Safari trip during the next days.

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