18/09/2010 17:31

Difference between Austrian and Finnish Middle Champs

Austria: Men Elite: 25 starters (all in all with long and short: 64), no qualification

Finland: Men Elite: 396 starters: 7 qualification heats, 7 per heat qualify to the A-Final

Well, I arrive one day prior to the Finnish Middle distance championship and did one training in a not very similar forest. Still, I felt prepared and confident to have a realistic chance to qualify.

As I was not ranked before, I had the very early start time (9:00). There are advantages and disadvantages of starting first, but I didn’t care and tried to do my best. I have to say that I found a good rhythm, but was not precisely enough in some controls areas. I never got really lost, but was once some meters to far to the left and other times to far to the right. In the finish, I was leading for some time, but in the end more and more runners were faster and so I clearly missed the final with place 13 (1:20 behind the cut).

Map qualification heat 4: 100918 SM Mittel.jpg (638,8 kB)

In the B-Final, those who didn’t qualify for the A-final, had the same start time as in the qualification (just some hours later of course), which meant that every minute max. 7 runners headed out on the same course (I was first again – mission: be the first in the finish). At least I completed my mission goal, but took place 37 in the B-final, with 32:39 four minutes behind.

As in the qualification race I had solid race, but too much zick-zack in some areas. The runability was even worse than in the qualification (what was to be expected): a lot of undergrowth and some fallen trees. That’s how it should be: challenging for both, o-technique and physical abilities, and there are a lot of Finnish guys, who are strong in both of it in this type of terrain.

In tomorrow’s relay championship, it will be different terrain, at least it should be much better runable and thus faster.

Map B-Final: 100918 SM Mittel B-Final.jpg (763,4 kB)

P.S.: Sorry for the bad map quality (it’s just a camera picture)