16/06/2011 14:50

disappointing start into nordic tour

Today, the NORT 2011 took its kick-off with middle distance run in Porvoo this morning. The same time, it was the qualification for the sprint final in the afternoon. Of course, the goal was to qualify for the final (top 30).

The start was ok, I did a good route choice to the third control (still losing 30 seconds to Lundanes!), but I did some small mistakes in the control area afterwards. At the map exchange, with place 30, I was exact on plan, but to control 11, I took the wrong direction and "woke up" at control 12. I lost about 1 minute there. To control 15 (19 on the gps) I was too far right. All in all, I finished on place 41, missing 30th place by 1:08 minutes. But not everything was bad. I also had good route choices and good control approaches.

So, focus on Jukola and then, do better in SWE and NOR.

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Below, the decent outcome of our team today...