05/04/2012 10:18

Doline Hopping

Well, no way to improve my 5.000m personal best, what a pity! Well, last Saturday I was still optimistic to improve my poor 15:36, although there were some heavy winds. After some laps I realized that I won’t make it under 15:30. In the end, I finished in 15:51, some seconds behind Robi, who will do a good job in the future, I’m sure…

Right afterwards, our team transferred to Pécs, Hungary, to do some “Doline Hopping”. If you have never been there, you have definitely missed something. Nice runability, good visibility, medium climbing, and a lot of wood garlic at this time of the year. Together with the youth and junior team, we did different technique trainings.

Example Map File: OneManRelay: https://3drerun.worldofo.com/?id=-46020

Currently, I’m in Skane, participating in 7manna tonight/tomorrow morning with OK Pan. I’m looking forward to an interesting and challenging Relay season with my teammates.