19/08/2012 22:05

Doline hopping

Doline, doline, doline, control! The Cerkno Cup in Slovenia offered technically interesting and challenging stages, including a middle distance WRE on the second day. Both, the maps from the first and second day were filled with dolines and stones. Coordinative skills were not less important, sometimes memories to WOC 2011 terrain came up. Although the map of the second day was rather small, additionally we had a map exchange, you never felt bored during the race, as you always had to be very focused between the stones.

The last day was hold on top of the Cerkno ski resort. Consequently, there was a lot of climbing on the last day. The characteristic was completely different to the first days, offering typical continental terrain, with steep slopes. Not only the terrain made the events worth visiting, also the weather and the landscape contributed to enjoyable days. Relaxing in the close river was a welcome cooling down.

In contrast to my performance in the middle distance race at the Euromeeting, I was much more satisfied this time, taking the WRE and the overall victory.

Map Day1

Map Day2 WRE Part1

Map Day2 WRE Part2

Map Day3

Map Extra Sprint Part1

Map Extra Sprint Part2

Results Day1

Results Day2 WRE

Results Day3

Overall Results

Results Extra Sprint

Scharni in action