17/05/2012 09:17

EOC Halftime

Three out of three. So far, I'm sticking to my plan at European Champs in Sweden. I was thinking a lot of running all three individual disciplines or not, in the end I decided to do so.

What happened so far at EOC? On the first day, the Middle Qualifications took place and the gaps were rather small, as expected. The course was not that difficult and even small mistakes could have thrown you out. I had a solid race without any technical big problems and finished on place 14.

 Map Middle Distance Quali

The following day, long qualifications were hold and I was again the last one to start. It was technically more challenging than the middle qualifications and one could  afford making mistakes, still qualifying. I had no big mistakes but several times I had some problems in the control area, where I headed to the wrong stone if there were many more of the same size mapped.... Anyway, I finished on the 11th place and I'm looking forward to a challenging final.

Map Long Distance Quali

The Sprint was the last qualification race. On the one hand, it was a rather easy course, on the other, on an easy course you shouldn't make even small mistakes as the time gaps are usually rather small. Additionally, there was an inviting dead-end passage, which caused many troubles. I saw the dead-end but still I stopped for several seconds to come to a decision which route  to choose. I took the right one, but didn't take the shortest way either.... Afterwards, I continued without any problems and finished on the 12th place, not far behind place 6, but also not far ahead of place 18....

Map Sprint Distance Quali

So, today the final series is starting with the middle distance and I'm eager to race.......


picture by Anders Öberg