28/05/2012 20:54

EOC review

Some days have past since EOC in Sweden and finally I found some time to wirte some phrases about my impressions in the finals and the relay. But first, all the best to those who got injured during EOC days (or before). I can't remember of any EOC or WOC where so many, and many of the top runners, got injured. Too many competitions during EOC or the weeks before? Or a very unhappy coincidence?

Many times, we only have results in our minds and are very angry about even small mistakes - of course that's crucial in an athlete's career - but, we also should be happy to some point, if we leave the forest with all controls found and healthy!!!

So, I'm happy that I "survived" all seven competitions in seven days without a real injury and I'm also happy with my results, as they have been my best ones in an EOC ever - except of sprint.


Middle distance: Smooth beginning and secure orienteering. in the middle of the course some minor suboptimal route choices. A mistake that made me angry: losing 45 seconds to the H-12 control, number 20, corner of an open field.... Thus I lost some places, as the gaps have been very close as expected, except of the crayz guys on the top ;)   and I took place 26.

Map with route

Long distance: Although I already had some competitions in my legs, I felt quite strong during the race and could set a reasonable pace. I didn't lose any time in the control areas, but on the route to control 19, where I went straight -more or less- I lost more than one minute... Anyway, with the 14th place I achieved my best EOC position ever. Nice course in a nice terrain.

Map with route Long Distance

Sprint distance: For me, the course was better than expected, offering a critical moment after the map exchange. The beginning in the open area was especially nice, also offering some mini route choices around the fences. A few times, I lost a few seconds due to bad route choices, but in general I was satisfied with the outcome, place 22 and the gap to the winner was within my limits....

Map with route Sprint Distance

Relay: 7th competition on the 7th day and I was still running. And it was my best competition of the week!!! Also very interesting experience for me and my body....   I had the honour to run the last leg for our team. In the end, Robi, Heli and me finished on the 15th place, 11th in the nation's ranking, that's good, but I hope we can do even better in the next relays. Maybe already at WOC in Switzerland. Currently, I'm in a team camp in Switzerland, taking another preparation round...

Looking back on EOC, I don't think it was a mistake to run all disciplines. Many people said, it's nonsence to do this, especially because contrary to previous EOC many top runners skipped at least one discipline as a result of bigger teams. If I had performed better in one or another discipline, if I had skipped one discipline, I'll never know. However, I enjoyed every of the competitions and that's the main reason why I'm doing orienteering....

Map Relay