23/09/2014 15:29


...I won my first Swedish Championships Medal :)

In my fourth year taking part in SMs, second year living in Sweden, I climbed on the Podium of the long distance. Although I've never been in the Top 10 before at SM, I was still believing being able to achieve a medal place. Especially after this season has been one of my best ones so far. But running in Stockholm-Uppsala area is not the same as running in Austria, Italy or Skåne ;)

Short competition summary:

Long Qualification Heat B: Map    Results

Tactics: careful start, "find" into the map. Increase speed and keep it. Slow down where necessary.

Reality: I "found" into the map, but still couldn'd read it in detail at the second control. Lost some time there, but didn't get out of my mind and continued with a high focus. A little bit unsecure attacking control 6 and 10. Good speed and direction towards the end. 2nd place in my heat, but nearly four minutes behind the heat winner and SM Champion the next day, Fredrik Johansson, stor grattis.

Long Final: Map  Results with Splits    GPS

Tactics: Continue with same speed and routines as I finished in the qualification. High speed from the beginning, you get tired anyway...

Reality: Good speed from the beginning, good direction, but didn't fully understand the control area at the first control. So, one reentrance too far west, losing some time there. Don't worry, not the end of the race.... On the last part of the first long leg, towards 4th control, I lost somehow the direction and couldn't relocate, just continued until the slope started. Again some time lost, just being on 16th place at the first radio. But the legs felt excellent that day, so I was still confident about a good result (finally I wanted to get a top 10 position). As to the 4th control, I lost again one minute to the fastest leg time, on the second long leg, control number 6 - some time in the control area, some time because of running through the dark green instead of running around it. Afterwards, the technic turned out to work better and some extra motivation came when I caught Jonas Leandersson at the map change. Just the two last controls nearly kicked me from the podium. To 21, I made a parallel mistake, mixing the two semi-open areas on the right side, being too far right. Towards the last control, I came again too far right, instead of going down close to the last control of the qualification.

On the one hand, I lost the silver medal there (just 10 seconds behind), on the other I still kept the bronze with only 4 seconds ahead of 4th place. So, nothing to complain about and being happy with the bronze medal, finally :)

Pictures by Jannie Hagåård

Nice with the trumpet players :)