16/08/2009 17:41

first hurdle taken - WOC middle quali

I was relieved when I heard the speaker saying at the finish line that I am qualified for the final in this World Championship. It's important for me to have a successful beginning.

It was the fourth time that I got the last starting time in a qualification race, what I actually like. I had a good beginning and caught up very early with Fabien, who had a mistake to the first control, but after mistakes at control 3 and 5, I was not that relaxed anymore. Maybe I took it too easy in the first part, but after the mistakes I was really focused on what to do. The area around control 5 was the trickiest one for all heats, with attack points far away. I somehow lost my direction and thought to be too far on the right. But luckily I could catch a different control at a charcoal pile which informed me where I was. From there it was no problem to get my control. The rest of the race, except of control 11, where I was at the wrong mini-cliff, I had a flowing run wih no more troubles. Visibility was good. So it was not that difficult any more I think.

For the final, I hope to have faster legs when running uphill ;)

Now I have some rest days until Wednesday, then we will see what happens....

Wolfgang did very well in his first senior year in his first WOC race. Place 15, that's enough, congrat

I'm sorry for Bindi who missed final with place 17, one stupid mistake, but sprint is still ahead for him as well, and for the girls, who can do better, that's for sure!

Tomorrow, new day, new chance for our team. I'll keep my fingers crossed for them.

090816 WOC Middle quali map.jpg (351,7 kB)