10/09/2009 18:51

First visit to Trondheim

Just after one week relaxing after WOC in Hungary, our team travlled to Trondheim to have a first look to WOC 2010 relevant terrain. We were in the lucky position to be allowed to join the Swiss team the entire camp. All trainings and test runs were hold together. We had courses planned by a World Champ and could train with World Champions :)

I could see (as many times before) that there is a gap, which should become smaller. Even if I ran as fast as possible, orienteer good as possible, I'm still far away. Consequence: ran faster and orienteer better ;)

Very interesting was the special test run, on a path, through the marsh, up and down the hill. Well, before the test I hoped to be not that far behind, but usually, numbers don't lie.

Coming weekend, Austrian Long Distance Championship and Team competition are organised from my club in St. Lorenzen am Wechsel.

My goal is to defend last year's victories. Pongo is course setter, I'm sure we will see challenging routes.