05/04/2010 18:39

From Kristiansand to Pinkafeld

After the 5000m track test I joint the national team training camp in Kristiansand to have some days of very challenging technical o-trainings. Only the first day, we feared that the snow might cross our plans, but fortunately we were wrong. The snow melted and melted. As it was my first visit to Kristiansand area, I was very curious about the terrain of the world's male top club. The terrain kept what i promised, technically on a high level and physically also tough, when you haven't been running in Scandinavia for some months.

Our team coach had prepared with local coach and runners excellent trainings. We got possibility to compare with Holger H.J. and Hans G.O. several times and twice also with Daniel and Baptiste.

It was nice to visit my clothes-sponsor Trimtex headquaters and store and get infos about the new technologies and materials. I could already test the high quality, thank you

Two trainings with my gps files:

100330_Kristiansand Mittel Voie.jpg (806 kB)(to control 7 many, also me, had some troubles to reach the correct level)
100401 Kristiansand Mittel-Tr-WK.jpg (1,6 MB)

After the return on Friday to Austria (the weather was not much better), I took part in my club's traditional 10km street race. I could improve my personal best time to 31:37 (result link), althought I think the course is slightly shorter than 10km (9,82 says the gps file). Only 8 degrees and strong wind at some parts of the course were given. The winner, Andreas Ringhofer (29.47), disappearead after some meters, but behind him, I could findmyself in a 5 people group. We stayed together until the third of four rounds. At the end of the third round, the later second, started to attack and split the group. I stayed on 5th position but could overtake two runnres in the last round and finished on the third position in the overall ranking.

Video report from Burgenland Heute.


In two weeks, we already have Austrian sprint championship in Vienna. My goal is to defend my title from the previous year. We will see....