17/08/2012 06:51

From the mountains to the dolines

Last weekend, I participated in the Euromeeting for the first time. As it was hold in Austria, in the Tyroler mountains, there was no reason not to participate and most of all, the terrain was very challenging. I was not too happy with my performance, missing my goal to be on the podium at least once.

Short analysis: The sprint took place in Innsbruck, around the “Olympiaworld”. After some short controls which asked for some attention, the course was mostly boring, but the terrain didn’t offer much more. Technically, I did very well, but was just too slow, finishing on the 9th place.

The middle distance was organized around the Obernberger Lake, where a lot of knolls, stones and cliffs demanded technical skills on the highest level. To be honest, mine were far away from a high level on that day, thus finishing again on the 9th place. As I ran already for the third time on this map, I was very unhappy with my performance, because I should have known how to orienteer in that terrain. But instead, I behaved like a beginner on some controls…

The long distance became the expected up- and downhill challenge on the map “Serles – Maria Waldpfarr”. Until control 18, everything was fine for me, I had a fluent run and everything under control. But the two following controls cost me some minutes, throwing me back from the second to the fourth place, which was also my final ranking. Olav Lundanes demonstrated on both, middle and long, that he felt very comfortable in that terrain J

The days after the Euromeeting, our national team spent some more days in Tyrol, and it’s always worth visiting for orienteering training, as it offers both, technically and physically challenging terrains.

But what about the dolines? Well, I’m on the way to the Cerkno Cup in Slovenia, a three-day-event, which is hold in a typical carst terrain, plenty of dolines and stones waiting for us to be rocked…

Euromeeting maps (middle and long)

Sprint map