03/12/2011 21:18

Goodbye Army

With the end of November, I left the Austrian Military Orienteering Team after ten years. I want to say thank you to my team mates, coaches and sportsmen from the other disciplines who contributed to a varying daily life. Looking back, time past by fast and there were many up and downs during that period with the height of my career during my last year within the Military Team. But there were also times that weren’t that nice, e.g. being injured, being totally out of shape, etc. However, I don’t want to miss these ten years and the support which I could gain from different persons.

Leaving the Military sports team doesn’t mean that I will quit with professional orienteering. With a new coach and a new training environment I hope to get one level higher, especially on the physical side. For the next three months I’ll also work part-time, before I’ll go to Kenya for a high-altitude training camp.

Currently, I’m spending the weekend in Borensberg (Sweden) with my club Pan Kristianstad, starting the Tiomila 2012 preparation. After some weeks without orienteering, it takes some trainings until everything works smoothly again. But if you make mistakes, you still have the possibility to put everything on the map :) which I clearly try to avoid, because it’s always the runners fault!

So, guys, have a good training season, stay healthy and fit, and enjoy the Pre-Christmas time.

111202 Nacht-OL Borensberg map.jpg (362,5 kB)