06/04/2015 06:26

Happy Easter, Frohe Ostern, Glad Påsk

The 40 day fasting period is over, so I start to write again (I never stopped with eating ;) Currently, I am on the way back to Sweden after national team camp in Croatia and some days of trainer education in Kärnten, southern Austria, at the Faaker See (one of the lovely lakes in a lovely landscape J What a contrast, looking out of the window, seeing some 2000m+ mountains, compared to 40m high Vånga hill close to Kristianstad.

Many many years ago, I was running my frist WRE in Croatia, close to Rijeka. Now we were coming back with the national team, living on the Krk island. My personal surprise was how much snow still could be found in the dolines (depressions) up on 1200m altitude. Anyway, we had some challenging trainings, the towns on Krk offered interesting sprint training possibilities. The day before, we did our traditional 5000m pre-easter-camp test run on the track, in Graz. As I didn’t run a new PB, it’s not worth mentioning the result here….

Actually, I had the intension to do a good track preparation, especially in March, but got sick instead. Is getting sick itself already annoying, it’s even more annoying if you get sick on the way to Gran Canaria. So, the training camp (9th-19th of March) became a “sit at home” or “sit at the pool” camp. However, it was nice to come to the warm, sunny weather. And I saw some mountains and did a lot of climbing during the last third of my stay.

End of February/beginning of March I had another trainer course part, that time the focus was on ski orienteering. My former cross country skiing strengths came alive and I took a surprising silver medal in the Austrian long distance ski-o championships. The competition was hold on the Turracher Höhe, excellent mountain panorama (maybe you start thinking that I start missing the mountains living in southern Sweden…. J

And what happened more in February? First I was visited by two Austrian top juniors, M&M, which brought some entertainment in my training diary. Then, we visited Portugal with the national team, doing training as well as competing in POM, which brought a very satisfying result for me with the victory on the long WRE. Well, February is not the end of the road, but always good to get a positive feedback.

Enough about the past, what’s happening in the next weeks? First I hope to land on time on Easter Monday in Kastrup airport being able to compete in Örkelljunga later this day. Swedish Ultralong Championships will be skipped, thus focusing more on the night championships the week after. I never trained that much with the head lamp before during the winter.

After some snow-storm Easter days in Austria, I am looking forward to meet the sun in Sweden J

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Gran Canaria, Puerto de Mogán

Gran Canaria, Pico de las Nieves (with view to El Teide on Teneriffe)

Ski-O, picture by Axel Koppert