30/07/2015 13:23

I'm so excited...

...I just can't hide it.... ;)

It's WOC time again, actually my 12th in a row and still, it's not getting boring, on the contrary, even with WOC every year, it's always a challenge and fun to prepare and finally to compete. If I would belive that 13 is an unlucky number, I should skip next year's WOC and continue with the 14th then ;)

Well, how was the preparation for this WOC? After Swedish sprint champs in Sundsvall, I spent some days in and around Borlänge to enjoy Swedish summer (even if you don't believe it, we had 30 degrees there) and Markus Lang hospitality.

Then we spent some days with the national team in Scotland to get used to the Scottish summer vegetation and low temperatures,

(there are also moments with sunshine and WOC forecast looks pretty good)

 before MY and I were driving down to Brno (Czech Republic) and Austria to defreeze and sweat a little bit. 

and doing some sightseeing

(Schloss Neuschwanstein in southern Germany)

Now, we are back to Inverness,

waiting for the competitions to start.

I will have my first run on Saturday, the Mixed Sprint-relay, a competition usually full of excitment.

The sprint shoes are getting ready....

Thanks to all sponsors and supporters for continuous support and that I am able to be part of WOC 2015.

An article in the KronenZeitung can be found by following this  LINK