18/06/2010 15:04

only the mosquitos I don't like

Last weekend I took part in Austria's academic championships. Saturday was sprint, on Sunday middle distance (downhill competition :) Nor on Saturday, nor on Sunday I had any bigger problems or mistakes, but split times showed something different. Being already about 20 seconds behind on Saturday at the 7th control, I still was able to win with good route choices. The last controls in the stairs were a little bit confusing, but I didn't lose much time. Finally, I got my Austrian academic championship title :)

Map sprint

My race on Sunday was nearly without any mistake, but it was not enough to win. Erik, although he lost one minute to the first control, was some seconds faster in the end. It seems that I was not fast enough in the downhill area and maybe to secure in the last part after a technically good first part.

Map middle

On Monday, we travelled to Finland and this time, the mosquitos said immediately hello at the first training site :) The most "horrible" part in this connection were the last two minutes before the World Cup start on Thursday. Just standing and moving strangely, I and many others were a good lunche for those bastards.

After my not very good results in EOC, I was eager to make much better in the World Cup in Helsinki. Although I had already a mistake leaving from the first contorl (see GPS replay), I tried to get back my concentration. Afterwards I cannot complain about a bed race. Only at control 17 I got a little bit lost and punched a wrong control. The feeling from changing from Middle distance to sprint distance without break was quite strange. Normally, you start with full speed in sprint and you don't feel slowly at the beginning, but during this race, with already a middle distance in the legs it was different. Maybe I lost some seconds due to not the best route choice to the 6th sprint control, the rest was quite ok. Only the map after control 13 caused some short confusion.

With place 16 I was very satisfied, beging my best WC position since 2008.

100617 WC Finland.jpg (1,6 MB)

I am looking forward to an exciting last leg at Jukola, before I will try to come as far as possible in the Stockholm's WC- knock-out sprint on Tuesday.