21/06/2011 22:49

Jukola and NORT stage 2

Today, it was time for the Knock-out sprint in Göteborg - day 2 of the long lasting Nordic Orienteering Tour. Again, reaching the top 30 in the qualification was the goal. And again, I missed the next round. This time, by only one second on place 31. The time differences around place 30 were very very close, so bad luck for me this time. Howevery, I think the ko sprint was much better than last year, as the orienteering component was more important in the quarter- semi and final (as far as I can observe as spectator).

My qualification race was not bad, but I also had some smaller mistakes, including one bad route choice to the 9th control.

Split Times Sprint Qualification Göteborg

Sprint Qualification Map (without route)

In Jukola, I was allowed to run the third leg, first time something different than start or last leg. in Pan Kristianstad 1. Adam Kovacs did an excellent race on the first leg, coming back on the third spot, so did Harri Karlsson on the second. I went out on place 15, only two minutes behind the leaders. I had a very good firt part, by coming closer and closer to the lead, and being only 6 seconds behind at control 9. But as good as the first third was, as bad was the second. To control 10, I mad twice! a parallel mistake, combining with little compass-checking, leading to a four minutes! mistake - horrible in a team-relay. Well, the last third was good again, and I even came back on the same place as I left, 15. But I lost valuable time, and the contact to the runners ahead, what made it more difficult for my teammates coming next. In the end, our team reached place 32, far from our possibilities... But there is a next time

Jukola 3rd leg Map

Next Saturday, I have the last chance to win a part of the prizemoney in the Nordic Tour :) As the first 6 seem to be far away, I need the fastest time of the day. Impossible? Well, to a high probability...