11/08/2010 11:33

k.o. in long quali

One day after the long distance qualification my disappointment continues about the missed final, particularly because my race was technically not that bad. Althoguth, after a more detailed analysis, I have to say that I didn't chose the best route choices or had a bad implementation of my plans. I finished up on place 19, about two minutes behind place 15, and unbelievable 10 minutes behind the heat's winner Francois Gonon.

What happened in detail during my race:

I had a good start, no problems with the first three controls, the feeling in the legs was still good.

The route choice to control 4 was ok, but not that good as the further left option I think. Anyway, after the first steep uphill on this route, my physical good feeling started to turn into a much less good feeling. I lost two minutes to the fastest time.

My planned route to control 6 would have been good, but I took the wrong marsh in between and the control attack was suboptimal, losing 2:37 to the fastest time.

Towards control 7, I was running a little bit too much "zick-zack", putting some seconds into the marshes.

The next long route to control 11 put another two and a half minutes on my "gap-account". I saw the route on the left, but decided for the right option. As I lost the map contact in between the marshes, I decided to go down to the marshes earlier as planned to relocate myself. Except of another small hesitation to control 12, I had a satisfying finsih.

To sum up, I lost three times two minutes on the long routes. The longer I had to run in the marshes or the blue berries, the worse my legs felt. I attribute this lack of physical abilities to my injury in the beginnig of July, as it caused a total running break of two weeks and I missed the final preparation in relevant terrain. Without training in such an underground, I had no chance to perform in a way, I would have expected to. But it's still disappointing...

For the relay on Sunday, I'm optimistic that my legs will know how to run in this kind of terrain, without missing energy after some minutes.

100810 WOC Long QB map.jpg (1,6 MB)