29/08/2013 17:35

My "home" CISM...

Next year, the World Military Orienteering Championships will be hold in Austria. This year’s edition is currently organized in my new home country Sweden (I’m leaving there since last winter). The two individual races are already finished.

Yesterday’s middle distance was hold in a quite fast terrain, north of Eksjö, filled with many depressions and hills. Taking an exact direction, you usually woke up at the control, which I unfortunately didn’t always manage for 100%, thus losing some time in total, finishing on the 14th place, but already three minutes behind the winner M. Kyburz on that 25min course. The comment of the sprinter afterwards, “well I just had to breath twice and I was in the finish” ;)

Today, we saw a forest with more ground vegetation, green areas, marshes (still not many) and so on, tougher for running but technically not that difficult I think. However, I had technically a solid race and also physically it felt good. In the end, I got a one digit result, taking the 9th spot, 2:43min behind the winner, Timo Sild from Estonia, who won the brother duel with only 2 seconds.

After a rest day tomorrow, the relay takes place on Saturday, which concludes the 46th Orienteering-CISM, my 12th in a row.

Middle distance map

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