09/06/2011 14:34

News update June

Since two days, I don't say anymore "I am studying", but "I was studying". Two days ago, I did my last oral exam at the FH Wr. Neustadt, in the master program "accounting and revision" :) I spent 4 nice and interesting semesters at Austrian's first "Fachhochschule". My master thesis is related to sports, as I was writing about taxes in the Austrian sport...  So, I can spend all my mental energy on orienteering for the rest of the season. I hope that's an advantage....

The weekend before, I joint the national team training camp in Tyrol. We ran in some interesting terrains (stony, rocky, steep, marshy) , the weather was perfect for the mountains and I "survived" the "Obernberger See" map without any injury. I tore a ligament in my ankle last year in this rough terrain. On Saturday, we ran the same course as the Swiss Junior and youth team for their test runs (short distance). I lost 12 seconds to the fastest Swiss, who was 5 minutes ahead of the second. The quality of the maps was mostly very good, as some of them were used at last year's "6 days of Tyrol". Unfortunately, it's in Western Austria and many hours to drive for me. Otherwise it would be an excellent place for many challenging trainings.

Map Links:

Obernberger See

Haiming (test run)


On Saturday, Austrian's Middle distance Championship is on schedule. Together, with Sundays's "long" distance, it will conclude our WOC test races.

As my personal sprint winning run came to an end, I will do everything to continue my middle distance winning run in Austria..