30/05/2011 14:49

News update

Last Saturday, the Austrian sprint championship was decided in Ried im Innviertel. Started with high ambitions, I finished very disappointed on the fourth place. What happened. Contrary to my expectations, the beginning was rather tricky, as there were many controls very close to each other (maybe to close, referring to the rules). So you could see a control flag at nearly every tree or group of trees :) However, I manged this part (until control 6) satisfying and was the first time in the lead (and the last time unfortunately). To control 7, I made a misinterpreation of the greens and was running too far. In general, I was surprised how fast things were approaching on the scale. With 30 seconds mistake, I hoped that I could still realize my goal, to win the competition and tried to push as hard as possible. But already some moments later (way to control 9) i had to change my goal from winning the competition, to winning a medal. But I knew, my mistake to the ninth was very big. As I felt quite borred at this section, I was reading the map very far ahead  - stupid me - and was just running out of memory and tooka left turn, instead a right turn and then the left turn. So, I made many extr meters and nearly lost a minute. Without any further mistake, I reached place 4 in the end (ex aequo with Bindi), but 51 seconds behind the winner, Markus Lang. At least, our club reached a double victory with Markus and Heli, and Patrizia got her first medal (bronze) :)  - congrat. Beside my cancellation of last year's long distance, due to an injury, I missed the victory the first time since 2007. So, I'll do my best to start the series again... we will see.

Sprint map

Results sprint


Yesterday, the Austrian team competition was on schedule. It's one of my most favourite disciplines, as the tactital component is very important. Luckily, I won the lucky draw against Bindi, so I was allowed to run with Markus and Heli in the team. In contrast to other countries, in Austria each team is running with just one SI card and has to meet just at the obligatory meeting places (A, B, C). In the end, we could celebrate a clear victory, ahead of OLC Wienerwald and ASKÖ Henndorf.

our road to success:

Markus started: controls: 89 - 52 - 32 - 50 - 31

change to me: 79 - 77 - 76 - 75 - 87

change to Heli: 88 - 101 - 82 - 102 - 54 - meeting at 55/A

Markus: 17 - 18 - meeting me on top of the hill to control 19

me: 19 - 20 - 21

Heli: 22 - 23 - 24 - half way to 25 change to me: 25 - vegetation border to 26 change to Markus

Markus: 26 until 118/B

Heli: 90 - 91 - 92

me: 94 - 108 - 121

Markus: 111 - 125 - 117

Heli: 114

meeting place: 100/C

map part 1


map part 2

results team


The weekend before: I went to France for a 4 days training camp with Ursi. Well, there's a lot of work waiting for everyone, but I already felt quite confident in the terrain. As we usually had just small or no markings in the forest, we had to navigate very accurate and confident.

Some days prior to that, I participated in a 1.000m track run and finisehd in 2:38,86 (personal best, as it was the first time :)