27/07/2009 14:34


With the accommodation very close to the event centre, no we didn't stay at the camping site, it was every day just an easy walk to the competition arena. To reach the quarantine area of the first day, our teamrunners had just to jump over the fence, and voila, the first stage could begin.

day 1: massstart, 18km, 94min, place 34

I tried to save some energy on the three start loops, before we headed out on the unforked last 9,5km loop, where I felt still fresh and could overtake some runners. Finally, position 34, 6minutes behind the winner Wiliam Lind.

090719 1. Etappe 1. Schleife map.jpg (246 kB)
090719 1. Etappe 2. Schleife map.jpg (262,5 kB)
090719 1. Etappe 3. Schleife map.JPG (157,5 kB)
090719 1. Etappe 4. Schleife map.jpg (809,6 kB)

day 2: 12km, 92min, place 53

Not my best day, after a good beginning I had some mistakes in the middle part (control 5 and 7) and bigger troubles on the last loop after the spectator area. I needed some time to get used to the swedish mapping style in the green areas and/or growing up areas. If there is a vegetation boundary plus at least one small green dot or stripe, you can be sure, that you won't see further than some meters. My brain became more and more tired from the mistakes, with 92minutes, I was 21min behind Martin Johannson, that's too much!

090720 2. Etappe Oringen map.jpg (2,1 MB)

day 3: 3km, sprint, 13:48min, place 7

As usually, the atmosphere in Oringen Superelite Sprint is incredible. I really focused on this event and fought for every second. As I head an early starting time, and a verg good run, I could take the lead when finishing, which should last for half an hour. In the end, it was place 7 for me, with the places 1 and 2 clearly out of reach, but just 7 seconds behind place 3. My route choices to control 5 and 10 were suboptimal. And of course, lack of speed....

090721 3. Etappe Sprint map.jpg (616,5 kB)

day 4: 6,8km, middle, 43min, place 31

I reached the finish with a good feeling, but was disappointed by the gap of 6,5min to the winner, Emil Wingstedt. I knew, that I had a bigger mistake to control 10 and some smaller ones, but being that far behind was not easy to understand.

090723 4. Etappe Oringen map.jpg (1,7 MB)

day 5: chase, 13km, 87min, place 20, final position: 28

I left the start on place 35, managed to catch some runners, did nearly no mistake and reached the finish line on place 28, a reconciliatory end of O-Ringen 2009.

090724 5. Etappe Oringen map.jpg (2 MB)

On Wednesday, I will leave with the national team to Hungary, for last WOC camp, and then just two weeks are left to season's highlight...