04/10/2010 10:00

Oh no - mispunching

The Long Distance in Annecy didn’t add any points on my World Cup account. So, it will be quite difficult to get a place in the WC-final at the Geneva Sprint, but I’ll try everything on Saturday to make the necessary points. Of course, it also depends how many guys will show up next weekend.

But what happened in Annecy? I look forward to an interesting and very challenging competition, what should become the case. I had a good and secure starting and felt quite comfortable in the terrain. On the way to the sixth control, I clearly knew where I passed the path, but somehow couldn’t clearly see the little hill next to the control, and was insecure if I was at the right place. Some minutes later, I came back to the same place, but this time from the other side and could see the flag now.

Afterwards, I could find back to a smooth orienteering. Also to control 18, the one after the forking, I was on a good way, but I was too far left and headed to a control straight ahead of me. Unfortunately, it was 53, instead of 54, but I didn’t realize and continued my race. I knew that I was looking for a saddle and I even wondered how strange a saddle can look like ;)

Anyway, I continued with a good race, except of the last loop, where I lost 4 minutes!

Control 26: (similar mistake as to control 6) I stayed too much in the flat area

Control 28: I jumped into the right depression, but I didn’t take the corner immediately.

Control 30: I knew that that the control would be at the end of the cliff, but it was that long, that I turned too early, thinking I’m too far. After some left-right-passages, I decided to run further to the left – bingo! At the end of a long demanding race, one is able to interpret the terrain in an interesting way ;)

What one shouldn’t have missed: the view from control 25!

All in all: except of the “zero-points-performance” it was a nice weekend with a nice program (Orient’show – night sprint – WC) with a perfect weather.

101003 WC Annecy map.jpg (2,4 MB)


Annecy Lake