28/09/2014 18:56

On the road again...

... on the way back home from Swedish Championships weekend in Uppsala. (2 weekends, about 2800 km)

This weekend, middle distance (qualification, Friday; Final, Saturday) and Relay (sunday) were on schedule. After a 3rd place on the long distance the previous weekend, I had big hopes in improving my best ever SM middle result (14th place 2013). As expected, the terrain was a little bit tougher concerning runability. At least I had problems reading the maps while running, because on the stony ground I rather look on where putting my feets...

Anyway, the chosen terrain was really interesting for orienteering, technically challenging, both middle qualification and final. With only two small mistakes I got a fourth place in my heat (the seven best of 6 heats qualify for the final).In the final, it didn't went well from the beginning. I didn't have problems getting into the control area, but getting the control then straight, that's another chapter.... So, losing some time here and there, which is adding up. In the end, I got a somehow disappointing 19th place.

Map Middle Qualification             Results MQ

Map Middle Final             Results MF

The Relay had some long distance character (long legs, only 13 controls on 9,5km) in a technically interesting area. With my OK Pan Kristianstad team mates Johan Modig and Niklas Olofsson, we finished on the 18th place. Talking about my leg, last leg, I definitely lost too much time (unsecure to first control, direction mistakes, no real plan on some legs).

Map Relay         Results Relay

Next weekend, next competitions are waiting. The World Cup final is visiting Switzerland. There I will see, if it's the runability which prevented me from better results this weekend....