21/04/2010 11:37

One of Vienna's most beautiful parks

Last saturday, the Austrian Sprint Championships were organised in the "Kurpark Oberlaa". Somehow I'm surprised, that the previous map is only from the year 199x, as the park is very suitable for sprint orienteering.

I had two goals for this championship. I wanted to defend my title from the last year and to be faster than David Schneider, as he is regularly competing in Austria. That's great, because we have a good possibility to compare with a very strong runner. I reached my first goal, and could win the Austrian ranking ahead of my club colleagues Markus Lang and Bindi, but concerning the second goal, I missed it. I was 19 seconds behind David. Additionally, he was much faster in the doping control afterwards ;)

Except to control 10, where I should have run on the left instead of the right side of the forbidden areas, I took good route choices. In general, I think that it could have been more tricky in some parts of the course, as the park has a lot of potential in the eyes of a course setter.

Anyway, I am happy with the result and hope that my colleagues's leg will recover soon.

Link to the route gadget

Maybe, I will become a biker...

The next day, an Austria Cup race was carried out in Aspang. I was happy, that the course setter decided to make it much shorter than a normal ultra long, as it was no championship this year. Still, there were enough climbing meters (750) during the 12km course. The last part was the best, as it was going just downhill in a technical more challenging area. Although most route choices were quite obvious, I enjoyed running in the nice forest (very open in most areas). To the first control, i could not believe that the route along the hills would have been the fastest, because it was too easy to discover that one on the map. So, I wanted to find another one, which was, of course, slower :(

David was the fastest again, with Bindi this time on second place and me on the third.

Link to the route gadget