13/09/2010 13:21

one title defended, one lost

Last weekend I took part in the Austrian middle distance and relay championships. Both events were very well organised and offered demanding competitions.

In the middle distance I could defend my title, ahead of Bindi. I had a good start, found the controls where I expected them to be and had two safe loops in the butterfly. I lost some seconds in the area of control 18, as it was quite unclear to me where to expect the flag. To control 20 I wanted to go straight, but after getting stuck in the berries for some seconds, I decided to change to the route on the path. All in all, I was satisfied with my run and happy with the result.

100911 ÖSTM Mddle map.jpg (1,6 MB)


In the Relay we (Bindi, Markus and me) missed our sixth straight victory by 58 seconds to Henndorf. This day, we were not satisfied.

100912 ÖSTM Relay map.jpg (1 MB)