17/10/2011 10:42

out of the dark

With two races last weekend, including the night championship, the Austria Cup 2011 is completed. Getting out of the dark as fast as possible, or at least faster as the others, was the goal on Saturday. It took me 69 minutes to finish the 7,9km course, 450 climbing, with 39 controls. As most other runners had bigger mistakes, I could gain a clear victory, ahead of my former room mate Pierre.

On Sunday, the last Austriacup, this time a prolongued middle, was on schedule. The forest was the same, the controls were again very close to each other, 35 units to be punched this time. Witht that many controls you have many possibilities to make mistakes. That day, I had more problems as in the night competition and made unneccessary mistakes between controls 2 and 6. Afterwards, it became better and better. Again, I could take the victory. With Bindi and Markus on the podium, our club had a full success.

There were some discussion about the map and the number of controls. I think the map was not accurate in some areas. Especially the first control on Saturday turned out to be a very tricky one, because you still had to get comfortable with the mapping style. Anyway, during the competition it's never worth worrying about the map, as everybody has to deal with it and you can't change it. Before the weekend, I was sceptical regarding the numerous controls, but afterwards I don't complain, as the terrain was very difficult and most control sites were challenging. The course setters plan was to prevent us from running too much on trails and path. I think, he reached his goal.

Independent of the low temperatures, I enjoyed both competitions, being technically and physically demanding. Except of the numerous trails and paths: Scandinavian terrain in Austria.

Map Austrian Night Championships

Results Night

Map Austriacup Sunday

Result Sunday

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As a result of stable performances throughout the year, I took the overall Austriacup victory (6 best out of 9 races count) for the second time in 21 Elit.